Meet the Creators

We both fell into the creating world looking for an outlet to express ourselves. Duy found his love for photography and Yari being a visual and graphic designer made working together effortless. Anza Media came to life when we began getting more gigs and creating content for others. Our main goal is to make the content creating process simpler for small to average size businesses.

It’s better to focus on what

you’re good at then spreading

yourself to thin.

We began in the content creation world by creating for ourselves and as we got more involved in it, the more people as us to help them create content for their business’s. We’ve meet a lot of business owners who have taken on too much including the beast of content creating. What’s great about that is, we love creating content for others and we want to take on that task for you.

Duy has a specialty in photography and has shot a wide range of categories including fitness studios, products, influencers, and a variety of videos. Yari’s focus is on brainstorming the ideas. Her specialty in Graphic Design has allowed her to create various items for print media, editing photography and videos, and brand design.